Trip Code : VHA/OTCH-09
Duration : 2  Days
Starts at : Thankot
End at : Markhu/ Kulekhani


The starting point for the trekking starts at Thankot or Godam,.Once you get off at Thankot, head to Godam which is about 15 minutes from Thankotbuspark.If you get off at Godam, head to Panighat. Keep following blacktopped road till you reach army barrack,and from there catch the gravelled road that is  on your left.Hike straight through the village till you reach the stream for about 15 minutes from where the village ends and the jungle starts. Little through the jungle ,you will reach the tea stops.There are two routes from here.If you are interested to walk through the jungle and take the adventure of wild flora and fauna,take the shortcut way through the forest that reaches to Chandragiri.For this ask the shopkeeper or look for walking trail.If you want to take the easier way,hike through motorway, which will take around half hour more than shortcut to reach at top. The way through the motorway is easy and you will not be confused anywhere, but through the jungle ,you might get confused.Don't worry, if you have little knowledge of direction ,then its quite easy. Just keep moving up,no straight ways till you reach the top.

                Now once you are in top, to your South is Makwanpur( Chitlang),to your west is Dhading (Toplang) and to your north is Kathmandu. You can see Chitlang clearly from the top ,that looks like a green carpet with scattered settlements. Now there are two routes as well .Here I suggest  Take  short cut route. Better trekking through the motor road  as it will take much longer. It wont be difficult for the trekkers because the trail is fairly wide ,not steep as it is  the trail ,through which Ranas and Kings used to travel on horses. Trek down whole way till you reach village,no confusing way anywhere in the way.It will take around  hour to reach village. There is no human settlement in the way down till you reach village, sounds adventurous right?

                Once you reach the village , you will see the rainbow trout fish keeping centre.From there, follow the paved way through village and reach Pauwa, where there is police station that takes about  20 minutes. .If you can trek little further,about 20 minutes, you can reach Narayanhiti ,and from there in around 5 minutes you can reach SwochnadaBhairav temple.  From Narayanhiti or Markhu  , jeeps  drive Kathmandu.


  • Famous for Fishes FromIndraSarovar.
  • IndraSarobar( Biggest Reserve wire for hydro electricity of Nepal
  • Old trade route between Kathmandu and Makawanpur
  • Retreat center during the Ranasregime .
  • Goat cheese production place
  • old town of Newar and Tamang community
  • Famous for Agriculture


Day 1: Pickup from Hotel and Drip to the trekking starting point at Mathatirtha or Thankot. Overnight at Chitlang Resort or homestay. 5 -6 hours walking


Day 2: Morning ExploreChitlang

  • Goat farm
  • Sheep farm
  • Temples
  •  7 Hiti( Tap) 
  • Village  cultural tour
After lunchtrek to Trek to Markhu and Drive back to Kathmandu via Pharping.

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Chitlang - 2 days
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