There are various philosophy about it's construction and when the site first became a sacred place .But it is said that each part of a stupa has a specific significance, creating a three-dimensional representation of important elements of Buddhist philosophy to remind devotees of the path towards enlightenment:
                                    PLINTH is the lowest level of the stupa with square or terraced plinth, representing the earth.
                                    KUMBHA lies  above the plinth it is a hemispherical dome which symbolizes water.
                                    HARMIKA  a square tower is just above the dome , symbolizing fire, usually painted on each side with the eyes of the Buddha.
                                    SPIRE  is a tapering spire topping the harmika , representing the air. The 13 levels of the tower represent the 13 stages that a                                                 human being must pass through to achieve nirvana.
                                    UMBRELLA is held at the very top of the stupa  that symbolizes the void beyond space.

Durbar Sqaures are the plazas and areas opposite the old royal palaces in Nepal.Before the Unification , Nepal consisted of small kingdoms. Three Durbar Squares in the Kathmandu Valley belongs to the three Newar kingdoms before unification. All these three has been enlisted as UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

​AFter the April 2015 these sites received significant damage but most structures still remain. These squares are the best to visit places  if you are seeking for historical culture tour around ancient city.