Humla Limi Valley Trek 17 Days

Trip Code : VHA/LV-01
Accomodation : Tented camp+Tea house
Duration : 17  Days
Grading : Moderate
Max Altitude :  4620m
Activity : Natural wonders
Starts at : Simikot(2960meters)
End at : Simikot(2960meters)
Best Season : March - June / September- November


Simikot Hilsa Limi Circuit Trekking is the most remote region trekking in Nepal that is conducted in Humla district, border with Tibet, in the far northwest of Nepal. This trekking trail is opened in 1993, which covers the tropical to alpine climate zone and goes along around the Karnali River, the longest river in Nepal, which spread the great diversity of rare flora and fauna as well the landscapes. Trekking in Simikot and Hilsa offers the tropical to alpine vegetation and we may come across with different animals like wild yaks, barking deer, blue sheep, musk deer, wild horses, Himalayan black bear and even the spotted snow leopard. The economically deprived Bhotia people inhabited in a remote area are rich with their distinct preserved cultures and the great history. They follow the ancient Buddhist religion originated from Tibet. The society base on agriculture and animal husbandry, still practice Polyandry marriage system. The Pristine beauty and wilderness of nature, unique culture and rich history of innocent and friendly inhabitants, along the trekking trail are still unexplored and welcoming all the enthusiasts. Added to this is scenery of pine-forested Karnali gorge and beautiful Saipal and Nalakankad mountain range. The area untouched by modern changes and believed to be the present form of mythical Shangri-La. Thus, tourism related facilities are relatively undeveloped in this area although several organizations are working to establish community based opportunities between Simikot & border.

This Simikot – Hilsa Limi trekking route takes you to mystic Tibet (Western Tibet), endows you with the best of both Nepal and Tibet. Trekking through this trail can also be operated in monsoon as the Humla region is in “rain shadow” geographical position. The Simikot Hilsa Limi Trek is normally commenced from Simikot by flying from Nepalgunj to Simikot. Simikot is the administrative headquarters of Humla District of Karnali Zone in the mountain region of north-western Nepal. There are no direct flights from Kathmandu to Simikot. If you want to walk to Simikot, then it takes about 15 Days walk from Surkhet. The journey north whilst rewarding in its beauty, is a difficult hike as one travels steeply up and then down from one gorge to another. The trail pass by many isolated but beautiful villages offering the opportunity to experience their traditions and customs, to recognize the history and explore the old-age monasteries built more than thousand years ago. Similarly the breathtaking scenery and majestic view of Saipal and Nalakankad mountains with holiest land on earth, the Mt. Kailash is the admirable reward that cannot be gained in other trekking areas of Nepal. Climb up to Nara La pass (4530 meters) and make a loop back to Simikot via Limi valley crossing the scenic Nyalu La (4950m). Limi valley is the only one west east isolated valley extending from one Border Himalayan pass (Hilsa) to another pass (Chang La) between Nepal and Tibet. This valley reminds us of a Tibetan landscape, with dry and desert like terrain surrounded by very high mountains. This area is untouched by urbanization and has preserved the beauty of nature in its natural self. The top of Gyuckarka at 5000m offers wonderful panoramic scenery of Nepalese Himalayas from Saipal 7031m, Byas, Rishi, Api, Kanjiroba, Kanti and Gorakh Himalayan range. Passing through numerous isolated and culturally rich villages and valleys, climbing steep passes, crossing many rivers, walking through jungle and bare land, exploring the unique customs and monuments, encountering with different animals, experiencing different climates and enjoying scenic view reach the final destination of trekking, the Hilsa town. As the last part of the trek, the tourists descend to the Selma Tso Lake and go back to Simikot via Kermi. Here the trekkers go through the Karnali gorge enjoying the beauty of the pine forests. From Kathmandu the tourists take the flight to Simikot, treks start and end at Simikot the salt trading and pilgrimage route.

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Humla Limi Valley Trek - 17 days
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